Introduction to the World of the National Socialist

[First and foremost, this FAQ is a Work in Progress.  As I have a full time job I will work on it as I have time.  Any suggestions can be forwarded to me through my Reddit account: OdhinnsFury or to my email]

So you’ve found yourself in unfamiliar territory and would like to learn more about how National Socialism works and what the National Socialist believes.  The thirst for knowledge has always been the noblest goal of our history on this world and should be something everyone strives for.

It is understandable that you may find yourself uncomfortable with this subject but it is with the humblest of requests that I ask you to suspend your prejudices and open your mind to an opposing view for knowledge is power and is the one trait of mankind that separates us from the realm of beasts.

It is our goal to help you learn and perhaps convince you of a world view you may not have considered and if nothing else help you reach an a level of understanding that conventional thought would not have allowed.

Fort Starters, perhaps it is best that you look at the following article regarding the Programme of the NSDAP; otherwise known as the 25 points.

Another good starter would be this 10 minute video of some of Hitler’s speeches explaining National Socialism, nothing better than hearing from the man himself.

What it means to be a National Socialist

What is National Socialism?

How a National Socialist should hold his-or-herself in Public?

How is this different than Naziism and Neo-Nazis?

Resources and Other Links

Hygiene and the National Socialist

As with any civilized Nation, the citizens should opt to keep themselves clean and orderly.  This includes the simple act of bathing, shaving, wearing de-odorant, and keeping themselves free from the prison culture of tattooing.  We, as National Socialists, are above such behavior.

Reasons to be clean-shaven for men should be obvious.  We live in a society and culture that rewards and requires men to look and act professional.  There is no better way than to show you have the willpower to keep on top of your stubble.

Just look at these Officers and Soldiers of the Third Reich.

If, however, you do feel the need for facial hair keep it as clean and tidy as you can.  You can easily find electric or manual trimmers, mustache wax, mustache combs, and other supplies necessary to maintain the optimal appearance.

Women have the even higher and more noble cause of bringing honor to the name of our Women.  Keeping up with your appearance, wearing traditional hairstyles, perfume that is not overpowering, and keeping a more natural beauty with minimal makeup should be of utmost important.  National Socialist men are only worth the women we protect and die for.

For more information on proper shaving techniques for men read the following articles.

[Note: Art of Manliness is in no way affiliated with this FAQ or National Socialism.. they just have really good information.]

National Socialist Uniform

In the 1930s, when the NSDAP was on the rise and gaining power, many of their followers wore the Brown uniform we’re all familiar with.  Though these days are long gone and our political activism is kept at the bare minimum this is no excuse for untidy and unkempt clothing.  I’ve heard it said before that our skin is our uniform though I do not for one second believe that we should allow our dress to be maintained at a lower standard.

Clean, traditional clothing such as polos or button-down shirts should be worn.  T-shirts that are considered “funny” or part of a “geek” culture should be avoided.  Our daily uniform, outside of what is required at our careers or jobs, should represent the high standards that we expect of our people.  One look at the National Socialist should inspire rather than repulse.

Men must not necessarily buy into modern fashions or designer clothing but should strive for a prudent, functional wardrobe that can be considered professional and tidy.

Women do not be afraid to wear traditional clothing such as dresses.  However, in this modern age, it should not be a requirement.  The only requirement I see as necessary is to not be afraid to be feminine.  The women of the European races should not be stifled in the clothing of men or modern fashion but should be the bastion of our beauty and highest art forms that our race is capable of.  As such, do not fall for the modern medias image of women as sex objects.  Have respect for yourself as you are the most important part of our movement.  It is through our women that we will gain victory.

Holding Yourself to a Higher Standard of Excellence

Have you ever been to a movie and had the annoyance of a Negroid or several who cannot quit talking?  What about the young white kids who think it’s cool to act up in a rebellious act?  Ever tried to hold a conversation with someone who would rather look at their cell phone?

While watching TV have you noticed behaviors that you would never catch yourself acting out in public?

As a National Socialist we must hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence we can imagine when in public or in private.  Although modern culture has become permissive of such behaviors we should try our best to abstain from foul language, sexual deviancy, alcoholism and drunkenness, recreational drugs, and any and all illegal activities.

We National Socialists need to become the bastion of European Culture and as such cannot be caught indulging in modern decadency and disrespect for ourselves and others through deviant behavior.


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